Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Game

When someone asks you
"how's your day"
you say:
"Everything's okay."
even when you're lying....
Even when you want to cry
you smile at them
and meet their eyes.
You never, ever, ever say
"I need a hug,
I need a friend."
or: "The pain I feel's
too much to bear.
I could give up,
I'm almost there."
They smile and nod
and say the same.
It's all a part
of this little game.
They don't tell you:
"My dad's in jail
and I don't think
we'll afford the bail.
My house is messy,
my job's a bust but
I keep going, because I must."
And you never know
just what's inside,
just what that painted
on smile can hide
even though you do the same.

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